COCORO Sushi Kaiseki

Dating back 800 yrs Kaiseiki is a traditional feast of up to fourteen individual small courses.  Each course is exquisitely prepared from the finest seasonal or local ingredients and carefully presented using elaborate tableware.

Kaiseiki was originally conceived to follow on from elaborate tea ceremonies held for aristocratic society in feudal Japan.  It has a formal structure which dictates that there are certain prescribed courses; a soup (suimono) and then rice course (shokuji) in conjunction with a simmered and grilled courses.  However expert chefs who train for 10 years or more may change, modify or replace courses with suitable complementary seasonal or local dishes.    The chef strives for “Omotenashi” or wholehearted hospitality & excellence in every detail.

The overall feast remains an Epicurean delight with a delicate balance of unique flavours, culinary skill and traditional atmosphere.  The precise intimate service and formal presentation adds to the elegance of the occasion.  It contrasts markedly with modern trends of shared dishes & bucolic presentation style.

In short Kaiseiki is a delight to the senses,  to savour & experience in  the heart of central London.


45 Moscow Road, London W2 4AH

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Opening hours

Dinner time Tue-Sat 18.00-23.00 (Last orders 21.00)
Lunch time Wed-Sat 12.00-15.00 (Last orders 13.15)

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Tel 020 7221 9790
Text booking 077 2532 6237
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